Leading the industry in concrete restoration and management to tackle your concrete problems. For good.


Concrete Repair, Restoration, & Protection Solutions

We are leading the way in sustainable alternatives to remove and replace methods of concrete management. Our team developed and formulated several groundbreaking technologies. These allow property owners, municipalities, and government entities to extend the life-cycle of concrete by as much as 4 times.

Repair & Restore

Dukton is our repair and overlay technology. This is changing the performance expectations on all types of repair and overlay projects. Utilized in full-depth crack and fill repairs, spall repairs, the reconstruction of steps, curbs, and ramps, and expansive surface overlays.?

Preserve & Stabilize

Humolith is a preservation and stabilization solution. One application will permanently protect concrete structures from moisture and chemical intrusion.



Protect & Maintain

Periodic maintenance is important to your concrete’s longevity. This is accomplished with our full line of Protogen protective and cleaning solutions. Including our industry leading Protegen HD with nano-technology.


Addressing a Growing Problem

Each year, over 5 billion tons of concrete are placed in the US. To both support infrastructure growth and correct failing concrete. This is an unsustainable approach that has created a major problem.

15 Years

Average lifecycle of a concrete surface

9 Billion

Yards of concrete in place in the US that is over 20 years old


Of failing concrete is addressed by removal and reconstruction methods


Of worldwide landfill is by-product of concrete based waste

Advances in Concrete Repair Technology

Repairing and restoring your concrete is only the first step. We take a holistic approach that goes beyond restoring. We also strengthen and protect your concrete. Our experts have thoughtfully designed products to accomplish this. Our Dukton? engineered concrete repair system permanently cure?s your degraded and failing concrete. Our Humolitih? stabilization system enhances the internal and external strength of your concrete. And our Protogen? technology is designed to protect your concrete from all environmental stresses. The end result is a complete approach to restoring and protecting your concrete. Each product has been tested to outperform expectations and over deliver you results.


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Restore & Protect your Concrete Surfaces for Good

Our Authorized Contractors. Repair Systems that work. Your problems Solved.

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A Growing Network of Concrete Restoration Experts

Repairworks is one of the fastest growing networks in the concrete repair and preservation industry. Each authorized contractor in our network is hand selected. Chosen based on reputation, experience and capability. Our contractors go through extensive training. And receive continued support from our corporate staff. When you hire a Repairworks authorized contractor, you can be sure you are dealing with an expert.

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Repairworks was founded on a desire to redefine the standard of effectiveness and service in the concrete restoration industry. Our mission is to provide sustainable alternatives to remove and replace methods of concrete repair. All while extending the serviceable life.

Who We Are


Our focus is on bringing solutions that restore and preserve concrete surfaces


Our Authorized Contractors are fully trained and supported to address any concrete repair or maintenance needs


We are experts in sustainable concrete asset management. Commonly we are able to extend your concrete life-cycle by 2 to 3 times the average.


We have developed, formulated, and manufacture industry leading solutions (Dukton and Humolith)


We are the only company who provides a manufacturers warranty. 5 years on overlays and 10 years on patch and fill repairs.


We are nationally trusted to restore and maintain. Everything from tarmacs at international airports to sidewalks and home patios.

Our Clients

Protect your home or property

Our Authorized Contractors. Repair Systems that work. Your problems Solved.

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