Remove and replace remains the primary approach companies use to correct damaged concrete surfaces. This method is unsustainable, costly, and puts an unnecessary burden on the environment. Not only are Repairworks solutions affordable and sustainable, we also adhere to a standard of best practices in assessing your problem. Go above and beyond to educate you. And have committed to only delivering appropriate, effective, and sustainable solutions.


Our mission is to advance the standards of the concrete restoration industry. We want to improve the effectiveness and service of all concrete repairs.


Our approach utilizes the latest, most advanced, concrete repair technology available. This does not simply allow us to extend the usable life of concrete structures. But, often restore, protect and strengthen them forever.


When you work with Repairworks and our authorized contractors you don’t just get your concrete repaired. You get an experience beyond your expectations


Degrading concrete is a major problem. Our responsibility is to educate you on the cause and solution. Our contractors sign a commitment to ethics prior to being authorized, so you can have the peace of mind you are in good hands.


All our products have been designed to meet the highest standards of ASTM testing and have been engineered to perform under all environmental stresses. This provides you with a superior, longer lasting, end result.


All our authorized contractors have to meet our business and workmanship standards. Qualified companies undergo rigorous factory training, receive continued support, and have the knowledge and experience to satisfy your needs.


When you hire a Repairworks authorized contractor, you can rest assured that you are in the hands of an expert in the concrete repair field. A full assessment and appropriate solution will be delivered and you can leave your worries behind.


With the aim and desire to advance our industry, we adhere to a standard of best practices. We have developed a 3-step process to address your concrete problems. Our goal is to leave you satisfied and your problems gone for good.

Discovery & Education

We want to get the general idea of your problem. And we want to help you understand along the way. We will send you some basic overview videos. You will also get our pricing guide for complete transparency.

Assessment & Real-Time Estimating

After we have a basic idea of what’s going on we will come out to fully assess your problem. Using advanced technology and testing methods we will identify exactly what?s happening. From there we will generate your estimate while we are with you. That way we can answer any questions you may have without any delays.

Installation & Peace of Mind

Once we cross all the t?s and dot the i?s we will set a time for your project. We will fix your problem with haste. In no time you will have like-new concrete. Your problems will be gone. You can rest easy. We will also share the different protection and maintenance options to ensure your concrete stays in top shape.

We Restore. Together.

Advancing an entire industry takes work. Thats why we put the best on the job.

Jon Bell

Jon carries over 20 years of concrete construction experience. He has been published in Concrete Decor and Concrete Homes magazines. Jon’s high level of skill is used to train our authorized contractors to be the best.

Jon Bell
Contractor Training
James King

James has been working with concrete for over 10 years. He makes sure our products are used properly. He also trains and assists our authorized installers to make sure their service to you is top notch.

James King
Contractor Support & Training
Alex Desmarais

An expert of information technology and marketing. Alex helps communicate our brand to make sure you know what we do. He is also crucial in helping our authorized contractors become the go-to in their local area.

Alex Desmarais
Chief Marketing Director