Engineered to Restore, Strengthen, & Protect

When we started developing our suite of products to help tackle your concrete problems we had 3 goals in mind. Restore your concrete back to working condition while extending the usable life. Enhance the internal and external strength to make your concrete last even longer. And enhance the overall aesthetics while permanently protecting your concrete from environmental stresses.

Dukton? Engineered Concrete Repair System

This next-generation repair mortar was developed over a 5 year period. The end result was a system to permanently cure your degrading and failing concrete. We wanted to design the best product for your repair problems. Dukton? features up to 9,000 PSI compressive strength. We also engineered Dukton? to have best-in-class shear and strain hardening capacity. Dukton? also features unparalleled ductility. Finally, a unique ability to bend with ground movement without failure solidifies Dukton? as the best repair product available.

Humolith? Concrete Stabilization System

Humolith? was thoughtfully designed over a 3 year period. The purpose is to permanently protect your concrete from subgrade moisture intrusion and surface permeability. Humolith? actually internally stabilizes and strengthens the concrete. The best part? One application will last for the life of your concrete. Humolith? acts as a glass-like barrier filling in the capillaries of your concrete. This strengthens and protects the concrete. Humolith? greatly improves your concretes ability to perform under all environmental stresses.

Ever-Evolving Technology

We don?t ever sit still. Our experts are constantly pushing the envelope to improve our products and develop new ones. Technology is always advancing and so are we. That is why you can be sure you truly get the most advanced solutions with Repairworks.?

Protogen? is our newest addition. This revolutionary concrete cleaning system does more then just remove dirt. Protogen? is designed to protect from mold, mildew, chlorides, and more. Preventing general wear and tear while cleaning your concrete back to a like-new look. Great for all environments and climates.