There is No Price for Safety

Concrete inevitably breaks down with exposure to environmental stresses, moisture, and soil movement. The result is a loss of functionality, failure, and safety concerns. These problems only worsen with time. Waiting too long often leads to severe damage, costly repairs, safety hazards, and more. Your concrete problems won?t fix themselves. The sooner you address and permanently fix your problems the less expensive the repair. And the sooner you ensure you and your family?s safety.

Why Repair & Protect Concrete?

While concrete is incredible, everything has a weakness. Your concrete won?t last forever, especially if not properly maintained and protected. When you have cracked or damaged concrete many contractors will recommend you remove and replace. We disagree. This is not always the best solution. Here?s why:


Replacing concrete is a major construction project. Set aside all the permits and heavy equipment. You will also have contractors in and out for days, weeks, or even months depending on the scope. Disrupting your daily life and possibly damaging your home and landscape further.


Less time to repair your concrete means less labor cost. Less material is also needed. No matter what way you look at the process repairing will save you money over replacing. Every time. As long as your concrete is repairable. Save yourself the money.


Remove and replace is just putting a band-aid on your problem. The issue will eventually arise again. Not only can we repair your concrete back to like-new. We also have protective products and systems to ensure your concrete will stay this way for good.

Concrete Repair, Restoration, & Protection Solutions

We are leading the way in sustainable alternatives to remove and replace methods of concrete management. Our team developed and formulated several groundbreaking technologies. These allow property owners, municipalities, and government entities to extend the life-cycle of concrete by as much as 4 times.

Repair & Restore

Dukton is our repair and overlay technology. This is changing the performance expectations on all types of repair and overlay projects. Utilized in full-depth crack and fill repairs, spall repairs, the reconstruction of steps, curbs, and ramps, and expansive surface overlays.?

Preserve & Stabilize

Humolith is a preservation and stabilization solution. One application will permanently protect concrete structures from moisture and chemical intrusion.



Protect & Maintain

Periodic maintenance is important to your concrete’s longevity. This is accomplished with our full line of Protogen protective and cleaning solutions. Including our industry leading Protegen HD with nano-technology.